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Why Invest
Why Invest?

Kent Gateway Properties are aware of the many investment opportunities when buying 'off-plan' from property developers. By purchasing in bulk within a development, Kent Gateway Properties can negotiate higher discounts, which are then passed on to their investors.    Benefits of buying 'off-plan' include; lower deposits and smaller mortgage payments in comparison to existing buy to let properties, allows for flexibility as plans can be adjusted to meet your own requirements should you be looking for a residential property, and newly built properties also have lower maintenance costs compared to older resale properties. And financially, once the development is complete and has an open market value the investor will have the potential to already have made money.

Making money via property investment is relatively easy, however making ‘good’ money from property investment takes more time and knowledge

Kent Gateway Properties believes in investing in the property market, being property investors themselves, they are aware of the highs and lows, but long term investment always produces growth over initial capital investment. The average UK property has steadily increased in value over the last five decades.

With a high proportion of households being run by single people unable to sustain a mortgage and thus not being able to achieve home ownership due to the ever-rising house prices, there will always be a steady flow of suitable tenants requiring rental properties. Government reports indicate at least 40% of households to be within this bracket by 2010.

During the last five decades investing in property has out performed any other investment, reducing the risks but achieving higher rewards. Buying through Kent Gateway Properties discount packages reduces your risk further.

Their clients range from first timers to experienced investors with large property portfolios, but whether a large or small investor, Kent Gateway Properties will help locate the best Investment Property to meet their clients requirements and ensure good returns.


Who We Are...
Kent Gateway Properties have offices in Rochester High Street, above the Dot Cafe, where you can call in and discuss your property investment requirements in a relaxed and friendsly atmosphere. The office being central to the property development currently taking place within the Medway Towns and surrounding areas and interested landlords and investors....


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